Trainer’s Talk – Hydration

By Valentine Calvin 

Water is critically important for proper body function, weight loss, childhood development, and slowing the process of aging. However, most people do not drink the necessary amount of water or get anywhere close, nor do this on a consistent basis.  You need to recognize water is the most efficient, accessible, and cost effective medicine available. Drinking sufficient quantities of water DAILY is a necessity for optimal physical functioning, in addition to playing a major role in the prevention and treatment of many diseases such as chronic fatigue, depression, eczema, rheumatism, gastric disorders, high or low blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and urinary infections.  Many of these disorders result from improper hydration and can simply be treated by raising your intake of this vital liquid chemically known as H20. Start your kids out early and get yourself on the right track TODAY!  How is your water intake?   If you know your water intake is sub-par change it and set a good example for those around you.  This article is all about WATER! I’m not going to go into other beverages and why they don’t allow for proper hydration, STOP DRINKING SODA, minimize juices and alcohol, if you want to hear why they don’t work ask me. My goal is to get everyone at our box properly hydrated at all times with water and to help you all cut out unnecessary liquids.  Let’s do this together and everyone’s performance will increase.

Most people have a skewed perception they are drinking enough fluids considering they consume copious amounts of coffee, tea, sodas and all sorts of “polluted” nonsense. All of these beverages are far less effective in hydrating the body than plain water.  The majority population does not realize they are chronically dehydrated or aware lack of water is the cause of many of their health problems.  Furthermore, in today’s world, our bodies’ need for more water than ever before is higher due to consumption of rich, concentrated, and salty foods, and increased usage in dehydrating substances such as alcohol and tobacco.  Environmental factors such as stress, overheated and artificially ventilated homes, offices, stores, on top of daily exposure to polluted air and water all contribute to an increased need for water.

Although the body is constructed of both liquid and solid materials, fluids are present in much greater quantity.  The adult human body’s overall composition is 50-70% water depending male/female/organism specific.  The lungs and heart consist of 70.9% water; the muscles 75% water; the liver 75.3% water; and the spleen 77% water.  In addition, the brain has a fluid content of 83%, a high need of fluid is necessary for proper function.  The brain only accounts for 2% of total body weight but receives 20% of the body’s available blood supply which is a direct functional reflection of water consumption in accordance to adequate cellular fluid exchange. Water moves back and forth between mesothelial surfaces (single cellular layer like a paved highway) that line the peritoneal (stomach), pleural (lungs), and pericardial (heart) cavities and through synovial membranes (joint articulation cites) that line joint capsules. In small amounts water also moves between blood and cerebrospinal fluid, between the aqueous and vitreous humor of the eye, and between the perilymph and endolymph of the inner ear.   In summary, large scale to small scale: the above listed organs and bodily functions happen to play a vital role in, well… you not being dead, and they all need significant amounts of water to function correctly. If you feel jacked up “Check yo self before you wreck yo self” and drink some freaking water!

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