Trainer’s Talk – Intensity


What is Intensity and why is it important when training here at BCF?

Intensity is arguably the greatest factor that makes us as CrossFitters different than regular gym goers (types of movements also differentiate us from them, but that is another topic altogether).

I remember my first experience at a CrossFit gym, I was surrounded by strangers and I was

supposed to race my way through this writing on the whiteboard (the WOD I now know) and I was told the faster you go the better. I went so hard through the baseline workout and I was floored for 30 minutes after. I felt like my lungs had exploded and then been ripped out and thrown away. I had never gone that hard before in a workout. It was those strangers who pushed me hard all the way to the end and all those other people who were cheering for me. It wasn’t really me, I just let those people tell me what to do. That was my first day of true intensity in a workout.

When we are coaching you and yelling at you, we are trying to push you. Let it happen and dig deep and give it your all, intensity hurts. Now in the box when we are training, it is important to listen to your body and make sure you always follow the mantra of Form, Consistency, and then Intensity. That is why in order to truly get all you can out of this program, you cannot emphasize form enough, it allows Intensity to happen. But in the end Intensity produces results and no one in their right mind will have a 3 minute Fran time and not be pleased with how they look in the mirror. 

Now go be virtuous in your movements, willing to learn, and accepting of criticism, so that you can eventually increase your intensity.  

 – Bryan Miller 

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