Trainer’s Talk – What defines you?

What defines you?

Over the last several weeks people from BCF and other boxes that I talk to ask me about the Games coming up. The common thread to these questions seems to be along the lines of “what happens if you don’t podium or do very well?” or “you better podium or your reputation may suffer…”, etc…

At first I didn’t give it much thought…but as I have been thinking as the Games draw closer I have come to realize that none of that matters….at all. Let’s say I podium…then what? Nothing changes for me. I will still be here at 5:45am on Monday morning leading you guys through class. I’m smart enough to know and have enough experience to understand that any athlete can have a great or horrible weekend/event. You can train really well and show up with a virus…and you’re done. Or you can get hurt the day before you show up doing something not related to training….and you’re done. These are the realities of being a competitive athlete and ones we must understand.

Believe me, I would love to see the podium. If not, no worries. Train harder and see what next year brings, simple as that.

My life isn’t defined by how I perform in CrossFit…it’s how I perform as a husband and father within my family and how I lead and coach here at BCF…I always strive for honor, integrity and truth. Your progress and training is more important than my own. My passion is coaching and teaching and training. For me it’s better to see an athlete finally get a movement they have been struggling with than to break a sweat on my own. That gives me a sense of purpose and drive. As a coach there is no better feeling.


So think about what defines you in your life…I’m sure we are all pretty close on the important things…


 -Mike Ford 

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