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Main WOD

M-1: Bench Press (3 x 5 @ 41X1; rest 2 b/t)

M-2: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 12 of
20 DUs
10 pull up
Take 8-10 min to warm up/work on
pull ups / HSPU / DUs

Competition WOD

Front Squat (Build to a heavy triple in 6 sets)

Clean and Jerk (Build to a heavy single in 8 sets)

Clean and Jerk (Cluster 2.2.2 ; rest 2 b/t)

Metcon (Time)

Down and Back
50 DUs
40 KB swing 53/35
30 pull ups
20 pistols
10 burpee box jump overs
then back


SW-A: Shoulder Press (3 RM in 3-5 sets)

SW-B: Pull-ups (Sadiv Set (10 Minutes))

*10 Minutes to get as many single pull ups as possible. Rep speed must be as fast as possible each rep.
**If you have done this before and got over 36 reps in the 10 minutes, add 5 lbs.
***Make sure to hit both the concentric and eccentric portion of every rep.

SW-C: Banded Push Ups (4 x 6-8)

Put each end of a band in your hands, wrap around your back (so it adds resistance) and perform push ups for reps.

SW-D: Ring Rows (5 x 10)

Feet elevated if possible.
*90 sec rests

SW-E: GripsFear Farmer’s Carry (3 x 30 m)

*Use the red ball grips for farmer’s carry’s.
*AHAP for the prescribed distance.

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