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Main WOD

Bench Press (3 x 5 @ 41X1 ; add 5-10#)

Metcon (Time)

800m run, then
3 rounds of
30 DUs
20 KB swings 53/35
10 KB lunges
800m run

Competition WOD

Metcon (Time)

21-15-9 of
Strict HSPU
Strict press 115/75

Metcon (Time)

Take 10 min and build to a moderate heavy clean for today
Rest 5 min then
3 rounds of
3 bar MU
15 wall ball
1 clean at 90% of todays


SW-A: Pull-ups (Sadiv Set – 10 Min)

10 Minutes – AMFastRepsAP
*Strict single reps only.
**Pull as fast as you can during concentric and lower yourself all the way to a passive hang under control. If your reps slow down before you’re halfway done, you’re not resting enough between reps.
***Goal is to get 30 reps or 1 every :20 sec. Once you get this, add 5-10 lbs next time.

SW-B: Handstand Push-ups (Sadiv Set – 10 Min)

10 Minutes – AMFastRepsAP
*Strict single, full ROM reps only.
**Each rep should be a controlled descent to explosive ascent.
***If you dont have full ROM HSPU yet then sub 5 sets of maintainable reps pike push ups.
****Goal is the same as the pull ups, 1 every :20 sec. Once you achieve this, add a deficit of 1-2″

SW-C1: Banded Push Ups (3 x 8)

Put each end of a band in your hands, wrap around your back (so it adds resistance) and perform push ups for reps.
*Alternate b/t C1 & C2.

SW-C2: Elbows Out Ring Rows (3 x 8)

Ring rows done with elbows @ 90 degrees. Scale with degree of incline.
*Alternate b/t C1 & C2.

SW-D1: Wall Facing Handstand Hold (3 sets of Maintainable Hold Times)

Handstand hold while facing wall. Ideally with hands as close as possible, chest, thighs and nose touching wall while maintaining hollow body.
*Goal is to eventually get to 2 minutes each hold.
**Alternate b/t D1 & D2.

SW-D2: Bar Hang (3 sets of Maintainable Hang Times)

Hang from a pull up bar.
*Goal is to eventually get to 2 minutes each hang..
**Alternate b/t D1 & D2.

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