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Main WOD

Bench Press (3 x 8 @ 65%…fast and no risk of fail)

Metcon (6 Rounds for time)

400m x 6
Rest 2 b/t

Bar Dips (3 x 12 ; rest 2 b/t)

Dips on a static bar.

Competition WOD

Metcon (3 Rounds for time)

2k row for time ; rest 5 min
1k row for time ; rest 3 min
500m row for time
One running clock, entire workout for one time, post each set

Strict Toes-To-Bar (3 x 10 ; rest as needed to go UB)

Back Squat (5 x 10 @ 60%)


SW-A: Box Jump (3 x 5)

Non-weighted box jump.
*Give yourself a target to shoot for, something slightly higher than what you can land on fully extended.
**Rest 60 sec b/t sets.

SW-B: Back Squat (5-4-3-2-1)

*First set should be @ ~80% of your max, then add weight for each consecutive set, reps go down by one each so aim for adding 2-3% or 5-10 lbs each.
**It’s not necessary to hit a max for this scheme but if you feel good, go for it!

SW-C: Power Snatch (3 x 3)

*Rest 120 sec b/t.

SW-D1: Single Leg Deadlift (3 x 8)

Deadlift done with 1 leg. Can use either a barbell, dumbbells or kettlebells to add weight.

SW-D2: Ab Wheel Roll Outs (3 x 5-10 w/ 3 count pause @ extension)

*From knees or feet. Choose the hardest difficulty for number of reps.
**Use a wall as a stop for scaling.

SW-E: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

If you have time:
5 Minutes to get as many GHD Raises as possible.

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