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Main WOD

M-1: 3 x 3 OH press complex (5 sets ; build over sets)

3 strict press
3 push press
3 push/split jerk
No rest b/t
Build to AHAP

M-2: Squat Clean Thruster (Build to a heavy)

Competition WOD

C-1: Metcon (3 Rounds for time)

3 sets each for times
50m sled push 120/70
10 C/J 115/80
50m sled push
10 ring dips
Rest 6 min b/t rounds
Set up so you are close to door after 2nd sled push

C-2: Metcon (No Measure)

EMOM 20 of
7 DL 315 – odd
10 C2B pull up – even


SW-A: DB Box Jump – Deadlift Position (1 Every :30 sec for 6 Min)

Start from a dead stop deadlift position with dumbbells hanging by sides, then perform a box jump.

SW-B: Box Squat Box Jump (1 Every :30 sec for 6 Minutes)

Squat to a box, pause, then jump to another box.
Use weight vest.

SW-C: Front and Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat (5 x 7 (Each Leg))

Split squat where the rear foot and front foot are both elevated.
*Try to go from a larger deficit than last time.

SW-D: RDL (1 x 20 AFAP @ Heavier than before.)

Romanian Deadlift
*Goal is under :30 sec & unbroken. Once you achieve that, move up in weight.

SW-E: Weighted GHD Sit Up (4 x 6)

Weighted GHD sit up with bar in back rack (ideally) or with weight on chest.

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