April 2014 – Nina Khanjan

Nina2About four years ago I noticed I was getting very tired and no matter how much I slept I never got my energy back. This was especially strange because I was walking a few miles a day and eating very well. I ended up gaining 40 pounds in about 2 months and this came with other health issues as well.  I went to the doctor and did some tests and found out I had hypothyroidism, I kind of thought this was the case because thyroid issues run in my family.  I went through 2 different doctors before I found a good one that worked with me to get the right dosage of medication and has helped me to figure out a diet conducive to my thyroid issues.  I started to feel like I had more energy about a year ago when I started with a straight month eating gluten free and cutting out anything with added sugar. I just slowly started cutting out unhealthy foods after that and started a boot camp that my sister had told me about.  It was pretty good but I was looking for something a little more  challenging and then I found the groupon for Beaverton CrossFit.  
What goals do you currently have and how close are you to achieving them?
My goal is lose the weight that I gained but mostly to just get my stamina back. I have lost about 25 pounds so far(yay!) and am getting closer to my original weight at least and I have not felt like I have had this much energy in years! I feel great!
What part about training and being at BCF do you enjoy the most?
I think all of the participants are really great and supportive and the workouts are always really different which keeps it interesting and new everyday.
Who or what inspires you to do your best and keep coming back?
I think the progress that I’ve made and how great I feel all the time because of the workouts definitely make me want to come back. Also, Christian is very supportive and always pushing me to do things that I’m not sure I can do and it really motivates me when I start doing something, physically, that I’ve never been able to do before.


Since Nina first came in, she has been very consistent and diligent with her training.  She always gives her best effort towards whatever our goal for the day’s session is and has been realizing the benefits of her hard work. Every time she comes to class, she’s always excited and in a fantastic mood, ready to get work done.  It’s been a blast to coach her along her way towards her fitness and lifestyle goals!