October 2013

I started going to the gym a little more than two years ago. I used to go to my company’s fitness center initially. But, lack of sufficient equipment forced me to move to LA fitness (Irving, TX). I trained myself for first 6 months. But, my lack of knowledge in fitness training showed up and I couldn’t achieve the results I am expecting. So, I enrolled for the personal fitness training with LA fitness. I trained with them for a year. The problem with LA fitness is they consider fitness training as a money making machine. They aren’t really concerned about their client’s fitness. They take lot of money from clients and they have horrible non-negotiable contract terms. Initially, I saw good improvements in my fitness. But, they changed trainers frequently and lack of cardio training in their training style took an adverse effect on my blood sugar levels and my body fat. This made me cut-back on my food and I started losing my muscle mass.

When I was leaving Irving to cpme to Portland, one of my trainers from LA fitness suggested me to try CrossFit. I looked up online and I liked the variety in BCF workout programs and I contacted them. I was with BCF for about 5 months now and I don’t have one complaint about them. At BCF, I can attend multiple classes of different styles (Olympic lifting, WOD and SWOD) on same day. Attending classes with different styles helped me gain muscle mass and improve my cardio ability. I can run a mile without any significant problems, I can row longer (I recently completed an 8k) and I achieved PR’s in weighted back squats and dead lifts.

Mike and Bryan are the best trainers I have seen so far. They know what they are doing and they engage with all the clients in the class to motivate, correct and let the clients exceed in their fitness goals. I haven’t seen anyone being as patient as Bryan is. If I am unable to do a particular set of work out because of flexibility issues, he comes up with a variation of the workout that can suit my abilities. My work out buddies (evening class folks) at BCF are fantastic folks. We cheer and motivate each other during the class. I get to meet folks like Craig who works hard (regardless of his age) every day to be stronger. This motivates me to come to BCF as many times as possible in the week. BCF doesn’t treat fitness training as a money making machine. They genuinely want their clients to be stronger. They have flexible timings, great trainers and fun environment for workouts. I am determined to be stronger and BCF is the right choice for me.

“Raj”, as we know him has become a familiar face to evening the crowd here at the box. Raj’s focus as of late has been on the “SWOD” and it is paying off. His squats are better, his pressing is stronger and he can Farmer Carry with the best of them. Raj always has a smile and is not afraid to work hard . Although a man of few words, he will let his squatting do the talking.
As a coach I like Raj because he is open to different ways of training and does not complain. If he has a question he will ask and move on, quick and to the point. Raj always is positive and never has a negative thing to say about anyone or the training.
Be sure to say “hi” to Raj when you see him and maybe go for a “walk” with him….you won’t regret it



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