Trainer’s Talk – Are you working out or training?

What’s the difference you ask…well let me tell you. From a physical stand point, those who show up to “workout” are not really interested in making serious gains, it’s more of a social thing, and that’s OK.  As long as they understand that their efforts are going to produce minimal results at best. When we work different energy systems and those “working out” are always in the aerobic zone it’s because they don’t know how to “go there” to yield results from anaerobic training. This will make getting fitter and more well-rounded much harder.  

From a mental standpoint, there is a huge difference. Those who train are focused, have a goal or game plan, and will attack each session as needed. You can spot these people easily in a gym. They are the ones not talking to anyone, warming up with a purpose , getting set up and ready to go….3-2-1- GO!  They attack it hard and give it their all.  Unlike folks who “workout” that may stop to say hi to a buddy, get a sip of water during a session, or rest just as its getting spicy. 

In CrossFit we need to train. There are complex lifts that need our full attention. There are energy systems sessions that need to be attacked correctly. There are strength sets that need to be taken seriously.  I sometimes hear people talk about how they wish they would get better results….fair enough. Stop bullshitting, take your training serious, ask questions if you are not clear, warm up with a purpose, do all these things first then tell me it isn’t working.  I think you will be surprised how much better you can be and will be.  

Training is even more so about the mental preparation of anything we do….CrossFit, work, play, etc. If you approach things that you really want results from, then you need to be focused and have a plan.  All top level athletes, CEOs, politicians, etc. all are where they are by being in a certain mindset. Nothing will stop them, no excuses and no regrets.  Roadblocks are a chance to learn, move on.  Setbacks are a way to learn, move on.  You get my drift….be like the ancient warriors!! Focus and be driven and nothing will stop you!!! Good luck and as always my door is always open for any and all topics.

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