Trainer’s Talk – Competition Etiquette

As CrossFitters we are sometimes lured into the world of competition.

As you all know, competition can, and usually is a good thing. Whether you are competing against yourself, the clock or the person next to you, driving yourself to the next level is always a plus.
When you find yourself at a competition as an athlete or a fan, there are some ground rules we should all play by. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts of being at a competition….

Always cheer for everyone….we are all trying our best.
Get to know the other athletes….they are pretty cool.
Thank the volunteers…no event if they don’t show up.
Be humble…you may get your ass handed to you next time.
Smile…if you’re not having fun you shouldn’t be there.
Help out if the need arises…then you will be more cool.
Argue with judges…they volunteer their weekends for free…and it’s super douchy.
Leave a mess anywhere….unless your mom is there to clean up after you.
Say negative things about other athletes or boxes….you don’t know who’s listening…and it’s super douchy.
Brag or talk s#*t…let the athletes do the talking with how they perform.
In my 5+ years in CrossFit I have only seen a few cases of the absurd. BCFers have a great reputation as being humble, nice, supportive, and all around great people. I hear it from people everywhere I go to compete or at seminars or just visitors from other boxes.

Keep up all your awesomeness and I will see you at the next comp either as a coach , athlete, or both…