Trainer’s Talk – Warming up

At BCF we all know the routine, get your PVC pipe and then warm ups begin. There is a lot more to warming up that you may think. The general warm up is great for getting joint fluid moving and muscles stretched out. You are getting your body ready for the work ahead. You need to take this seriously! Injuries can and do occur without a proper warm up. If  you are just half heartily going through the motions then your chance of getting injured just went up. You need to prep the body to be ready. We all know these WODs are hard so why not be as prepared as possible and perform at your best.

PRs will occur with good warm ups, not just because your body is ready but your mind is as well. Those who think about the work ahead and prepare themselves will be the most successful. If your just bull shitting with your BFF, you may not hit that lift or go as fast as you may have thought, plus your chance of injury just went up…not ideal. Visualize yourself destroying the WOD, seriously. It helps for sure. I don’t care what kind of athlete you are, see yourself winning and crushing everyone in the gym. Get that attitude on pre-WOD and then be ready to own it!

Do yourself a favor and get focused on your warm ups. I’m not saying to be anti-social, just be focused….you can do both, I know because I do it every day.

Some days I am tight on time and rush my own warm ups and I can tell you I am never happy with my performance on those days. Let’s keep each other in check and help one another perform at our best…


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