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  • Wonderful place!

    I am THRILLED that I have found Beaverton Crossfit. The trainers are all knowledgeable and friendly and focused on your form and understanding of the movements. The members are such a welcoming group of people. I am a complete "newb" to Crossfit and every...

    Amber Morris

  • Excellent programming!!

    … excellent programming (really well designed to keep you moving the whole hour with strength, conditioning and accessory work.) The community is also really friendly! Would definitely recommend…...

    Ashley L

  • What keeps me coming back?

    What keeps me coming back? Community, quality coaching, variety of workouts (especially strength piece)...


  • Knowledgeable coaches

    After checking out A LOT of gyms when I moved to the area I made my way back to BCF, and wish I wouldn’t have wasted so much time elsewhere. There are some gyms that focus on churning out competitive athletes, and then there are gyms that focus on commu...

    Rachael Henry

  • Pure awesome!

    Great coaching and excellent team atmosphere. ...

    Rob D'Angelo

  • Workouts are Amazing!

    At the start of my journey here, I was NOT a fitness person. Hell, I'm still not, but the crew here makes me really feel like I am! They have helped me lose a ton of weight and gain a lot of confidence. The Bulldog Burn class is an amazing workout that an...

    Mermak DiMarco

  • Coaches are upbeat

    It is welcoming. It is clean. The coaches are upbeat. They seem happy to be there. The quality of coaching is excellent. The space is big. The box has plenty of equipment for large classes. They do personal training, and more than just crossfit. They hav...

    Tamara Spycher

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