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Kaira Buenviaje

A Well-Rounded Athlete

Congratulations to Kaira Buenviaje, the July 2024 BSC Athlete of the Month!

Where were you in your fitness journey before BSC and where are you now?
I used to swim but stopped when Covid hit, so I started working out with my parents at home and eventually joined BSC. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made, as I feel fitter than I’ve ever been.
What were your goals when you started, and have you achieved any of them?
My goals are to get stronger, lift heavier weights and master gymnastic skills and movements. While I feel that I have improved, I still have a long way to go and I am still a work in progress. Right now, I am working on getting stronger for wrestling.
What about BSC makes you keep coming back?
Definitely the community. Everyone is so encouraging and awesome, it just gives out good vibes and motivates me to keep going.
When/what was your "ah ha!" moment?
It’s always an “ah ha” moment whenever I’m able to do a specific skill or movement, like my first pull up, or my first handstand push-up. But one particular moment that stood out was when I made it to Quarters, and I realized how far I’ve gotten from where I started.
Does anyone at the gym (member or trainer) inspire you and why?
A lot of people at the gym inspire me, because they show up every day to train and put in the work, but I am especially inspired by Coach Derrick. He is passionate in what he does and pushes me to work harder and do better.

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