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Kate Cherry

Mentally and Physically Stronger

Congratulations to Kate Cherry, the February 2024 BSC Athlete of the Month!

Where were you in your fitness journey before BSC and where are you now?
Well I joined BSC with no experience in the gym. I was prediabetic and had quite a bit of body aches and pains and I was motivated to change that. I didn't grow up with fitness or sports so everything was new to me. I had never lifted a barbell in my life. My little experience with fitness was in a yoga studio a few times a week. Now I try to make fitness part of my everyday life. I prioritize fitness so I can actually be successful with my goals. I'm always trying to schedule workouts in between my super busy days as a single mom.
What were your goals when you started, and have you achieved any of them?
My only goal when I started at BSC was to not be prediabetic anymore. I committed to going three times a week and changing my eating habits and within three months I was no longer prediabetic! Then I increased my goals of getting to the gym 4-5 times a week and I realized my body aches and pains got less and less. Now my goals are to continue to get stronger and healthier each day. After recently battling breast cancer and having multiple surgeries and radiation I'm just trying to take it one day at a time. I know it will take time to get my strength back but I'm looking forward to what I can do at BSC in 2024.
What about BSC makes you keep coming back?
It's fun. It's hard. But when I finish a workout there's a great feeling of accomplishment. The people I get to workout with are so encouraging. The coaches have taught me so much.
When/what was your "ah ha!" moment?
CrossFit has helped me realize I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer I was also training for the anniversary competition. I focused on training instead of the multitude of tests and biopsies. I kept telling myself if I could do a CrossFit workout then I could certainly get thru whatever was going on with me health wise.
Does anyone at the gym (member or trainer) inspire you and why?
Everyone is inspiring. I love all the coaches. They each bring such a unique energy to class. Derek especially has taught me so much about form and body mechanics.

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