April 2012

Anne Shapira –

For those of you who do not know Anne you are missing out.  She is one of the most dedicated, petite, balls of fire you will ever meet and I still to this day don’t believe she is as old as she says she is. Anne brings energy to entire group and gives every day her all. There is never a moment where Anne slacks off, she likes to chat, but she is always fully engaged.  Recently, she convinced her husband Eli to join as well.  The magic in watching this couple train together, cheer each other on, and hug at the end of a WOD is indescribable.  With a little convincing, Anne decided to be one of the female Master’s competitors in the open.  She got through 30 snatches at the 55lbs having never snatched that much weight before. Standing less than 5ft, Anne’s arched nemesis showed up in 12.4 with wall balls.  Anne made it through 83 wall balls with the 14lbs.  We are so proud of you for overcoming your fears and participating in the Open.  Watch out for her in the Master’s division next year!  Keep up the hard work and positive influence on your family and other BCF athletes!



I want to say, I’ve always been into working out and ‘looking fit’ but 10 years of competitive ballroom left a mark not entirely healthy. I was cardio efficient but was in no way strong and couldn’t even do a pushup. It took me two and a half years of hearing about CrossFit (almost every day from a dear friend) before I decided to brave it out and just go for it. I remember that fateful day in October getting there early, sitting in my car, in the parking lot with a huge knot in my belly, afraid that I wouldn’t be able to do the workout and wondering if I was going to survive it…. and how I was going to look while doing it! (I have scars from the competitive days of dancing).


I was hooked that very first WOD (sorry Bryan, yours was a noobie workout and doesn’t count).  Shelly made me feel so welcome and her words of encouragements got me through that first WOD. The sweat, the grime, the cussing out loud with a group (8:30s) that I have come to cherish and miss when I go out of town is exhilarating and addicting and keeps me coming back day after day.

I am stronger, my mind is stronger, and I can push through those WODs knowing that there is an eventual end in sight.

I love my coaches; especially Val who sees through my doubt (about the weights) and encourages me to go heavier. I have succeeded in throwing a 14lb Wall ball (although I still hate them) and can do double-unders up to ying yang (thanks to Mike making February double-under month)

I am still not where I want to be (when are we ever) but I am not afraid to try and be utterly uncomfortable each and every day.

Crossfit ain’t pretty but boy do I love it.



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