May 2012

Mike Waer – 

Only 4 months into CrossFit and Mike has demonstrated significant hard work, dedication, and training consistency.  He never misses a day and  not only shows up on time but is consistently the first one through the door.  All of these qualities have made Mike stand out and he deserves the recognition of being the Athlete of the Month. We are all very excited to see your progress so far and even more anxious to see what you will accomplish in the future!  -Valentine


I first heard about CrossFit from a co-worker. I had taken a few months off from my usual routine and I wanted to do something different. She was telling me about the kind of workouts she did and it sounded really interesting to me. She encouraged me to research my local CrossFit organizations and give it a try.

I started coming to BCF in January of this year. Prior to Beaverton CrossFit I mainly did my exercising in a regular gym and it had been some time since I had done cleans, dead-lifts, squats, etc. Even though I did make some gains in the gym, I always left feeling like I didn’t get enough out of my workout.  After my first day of on-boarding with Bryan, I knew that CrossFit was for me. Not only did he kick my butt in my first workout, but I saw all these athletes doing lifts and movements with an incredible amount of ability. It was amazing and I wanted to get to get to that level. 

The BFC community is one of the biggest reasons I enjoy CrossFit and I can’t say enough about the all the people there. My fellow 5:45ers and the entire training staff are nothing but encouraging and positive. The one-on-one attention each of us gets when we need help with a movement, stretch or lift is extremely helpful. I can tell you that I have made more personal gains in the four months at BCF than I did in a year of working in the gym. I have PR in all of my lifts and continue to improve in other movements. My confidence level in the gym and in life has increased; I am eating better, and feel great.

I owe a lot to Mike, Christine, Bryan, Val and all the other trainers and am very grateful for all their help. It has changed for me for the better. I look forward to continue making progress at Beaverton CrossFit.  -Mike


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