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I have been into fitness my whole life. I started lifting weights around age 14. I would wake up early and go to the gym before school with my mom. Once I got my license, I would drive myself to the gym after school to lift. I got married young, had kids quick, and was thrown into stay-at-home mom mode before I knew it. Going to the gym early before my kids were up was my “me time.” I wrote my own workouts and followed my own program for years. Fast forward 10 years and I needed something more. I worked one on one with a CrossFit coach for a few years while doing her workouts at home in my garage. A lot of my CrossFit knowledge I attribute to her. We moved here to Portland in 2020 and that is when I decided to join my first official CrossFit Gym. Once my youngest started first grade I knew it was time to pursue coaching. I got my Level 1 coaching certificate along with a coaching fundamentals certificate.

I love CrossFit for the community it provides people. I believe everyone can be an athlete and I am inspired by the people who show up every day. I love watching transformations of confidence bloom in the gym.


Outside of the gym I enjoy trail running, hiking, reading, puzzles, and most of all traveling the world with my husband and our five kids.

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