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Main WOD

A1: Bench Press (4 x 10 @ 50% )

Focus on a tight upper back and keeping butt on bench, feet planted and elbows in

A2: Bar Dips (4 x 10, super set with A1, rest 2 b/t)

Dips on a static bar.
If you cannot do full ROM dips, do close grip push ups

B: Power Clean (EMOM 6 x 3 reps @ 60-65%)

Focus on speed under and a good catch position, butt back and elbows fast and high

C: Pavel complex (5 sets)

Work on your progression

Competition WOD


S-A: Strict Press (Press 55%x5 65%x5 75%xAMRAP 55% 3×10 )

S-: Metcon (Weight)


Single Arm DB press Alternating Arms

5×10; rest 60 seconds

Heavier than last week


Barbell Chinese Rows

5×8; rest 2 minutes AHAP

Heavier than last week


Overhead Dumbell Tricep Extensions 100 reps NOT for time, for Pump

Heavier than last week

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