January 2014


 Just over a year ago I didn’t know anything about CrossFit. When I started this journey I had no idea it would become such a big part of my life. My experience started when I would see BCF athletes out running or carrying weights around the parking lot while I was dropping my kids off at OGA. I would think to myself, “I need to get back into shape, I should check that place out sometime”. After saying this to myself for about a year I finally decided to check it out. I talked with Mike and told him that I needed to start doing something and he encouraged me, shared his enthusiasm and invited me back for the fit test.

I was nervous, but determined to show what I could do in this “fit test”. I gave it my all and it flat out kicked my butt.  I left that day feeling dizzy, kind of sick and seeing stars.  I wondered if this was the right thing for me to start doing in my 40’s!. But I went back and kept going back, even though I continued to be nervous for the first few weeks. Everyone was friendly and helpful which made it easy to keep going.  Mike and Brian always had time, always helped me with form and technique and never made me feel like I didn’t belong, even though I was brand new to CrossFit and they were going to the Games. You could easily see that it was a welcoming, friendly environment, with people who cared about others.

My initial goal was to show up 2-3 days a week. Yes, “show up”. Not a very strong or defined goal. I can’t say when the nervousness stopped and I flat out just started having fun, but that’s exactly what happened. Within a few months of starting I was going in 5 days a week and my goals were much more defined. After a year now, my goals continue to evolve and they now include double-unders, handstand push-ups, and muscle-ups; all of which are still in various stages of development but they are progressing.

I feel much more energetic, much stronger, and I physically look different than when I started. My friends and family have noticed and it has even inspired some of them to start their own journey.

There’s not a chance I would have achieved the results that I have anywhere else. CrossFit pushes me harder than I could ever do on my own, but in such a good way. CrossFit is fun and rewarding because of the people. Not just the coaches, who are awesome, but everyone here at BCF.  My thanks to all of you, especially those in 4:30 class.


It’s been almost a year since Dave walked into BCF and inquired about classes. I remember him saying he drops his kids off at OGA and has seen our peeps running around with med-ball and barbells and kettle bells.  Most people tend to run the other way when they see that but Dave was curious….and here we are about a year later and Dave has turned into a beast! Dave’s overall fitness, strength, and skill development has gone through the roof.  Dave is a great example of how hard work, dedication and consistent training really pays off.

Dave also happens to be an all-around great guy that is super friendly and has nothing but good things to say about others, a perfect example for all of us to follow. Dave recently brought his wife Karol on board and they now both train in the afternoons.  Be sure to hit Dave with a high five when you see him and say hi! 

We all look forward to watching Dave kick butt this year….great work Dave!