November 2012

Seth Eatinger

Seth has been a consistent athlete since starting at BCF in Jan of this year. Seth is easy to coach and is always positive, friendly, and willing to learn. We all enjoy having Seth in class as he is a hard worker and is always willing to help others.  Seth has made big gains in overall strength and conditioning since joining and we hope to see more in the future.  One thing I would like to see is if we could all squat like Seth, the world would be a better place…great work Seth!!



I’m Seth.  Like you, I’ve read many CrossFit athlete profiles.  Here’s a question for you: “Do you identify with any of the following statements as you read this?”

“I am scared.” “I will try next month.” “I am too busy.”        “I am in the worst shape of my life.”          “My body is incapable of doing this.”

You’re not alone. For an *entire* year, I remained on the side line, read countless profiles and testimonials and wondered if I could do it.  I invite you to stop reading this profile, go to the ‘Contact Us’ page and get signed up for a series of OnBoarding classes.  Please.  Go do it.

I started my CrossFit journey in February 2012 with a epic case of fitness fatigue and a desire to change.  I was a skinny computer engineer whose health had languished from too many hours at a desk.  “I played competitive soccer in high school. I could run for hours.  How did I get here?”

To be direct and brief, after seven months of work in the box, I have already reduced my mile by almost 2:45, deadlift almost 2x my body weight, gone from just looking at the pull-up bar to chaining back-to-back-to-back strict pull-ups.  My experiences lead me to believe that CrossFit works simply by delivering:

1) Antidote to Fitness Boredom:  After achieving elliptical mastery at a big gym, I got really bored.  It took a major life event for me to realize that my situation at the time was heading in the wrong direction. My boredom led to working out less.  More importantly, I realized all my time and effort had yielded little benefit. Crossfit, on the other hand, delivers workouts which are different every day.  Our coaches work hard to tailor the programming to push us to make gains in different areas.  Right now, we are laying waste to dips and pull-ups – skills I could do zero reps in seven months ago.

2) Measurable Progress: Plain and simple.  I’m stronger physically and mentally.  My personal records improve.  I have confidence in my body’s abilities again.

3) Community: This is the secret weapon of CrossFit that you don’t realize in the first month as you work through OnBoarding.  In CrossFit, you make friends and form bonds quickly.  My fellow 4:30ers (HUZZAH) and coaches form a tight knit group. We help each other through grueling WODs and to new personal records.  We keep you honest on your rep counts and form.  After a frustrating day at work, I know I can count on them.

4) Major respect for Airdyne: Words cannot describe my feelings about this effectiveness of this machine.  Come into the box and one of the coaches will help introduce you.

In closing, I encourage you to have faith in your body, courage in your mind and  Commit to be Fit!



PS: How many testimonials do you read about big box gyms?  Approximately zero.  End the madness.  


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