Olympic Lifting


Bring A Friend!
May 4th
CrossFit – 7:00, 9:45, 11:15
Bulldog Burn – 8:30

May 5th
Downward Dog Yoga – 9:15

Have your friends use this link to sign up!

Beaverton Strength and Conditioning – CrossFit

Olympic lifting

A: Tall Clean (4×2)

*Focus on pulling under bar.
*Speed/bar efficiency.

B: Metcon (Weight)

Clean from the hang above the knee + power jerk: (75%/1+1)x6

C: Clean Pull ((100%/3)x4)

*Perform 4 sets of 3 reps @100% of clean.

D: Metcon (Time)

For time


Power clean + power jerk 135/95

Burpee over bar – lateral

Time cap – 6 min

Scale to finish

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