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Main WOD

Around the World (No Measure)

5 movements @ 70%
1 min each for 30 min

Olympic lifting

Clean and Jerk (1 clean + jerk each 90s ; add 10# until fail )

Perform 1 clean + jerk each 90s, add 10# ; until fail…rest 5 min , repeat…try to meet or beat it
Men start – 135
Women -95


A: Shoulder Press (3 x Max Reps @ 60% 1 RM)

B1: Weighted Pull-ups (5 x 5)

B2: Face Pull (5 x 10)

Attach band to pull up rack and pull to face.

C: DB Side Raise (3 x 8)

Start with DB’s out to sides and raise to just below shoulder height.

D1: Clean Grip Shrug (3 x 9)

Shrug from clean grip. Use hook grip or straps if you have them.

D2: Overhead DB Tricep Extension (3 x 9)

E: Hex Grip Farmers Carry (4 sets for equal distance)

Grab around the flat surface of the “bell” part of a set of dumbbells and walk for distance. Bell should be hanging lengthwise from hand.

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