Trainer’s Talk – Learn the right way

Learn your skills…the right way.

“People think that they can either just jump into a WOD and crank out 50 Handstand Pushups or 50 Clean and Jerks at 135. Usually this is because they are inexperienced, but that inexperience doesn’t stop them from arguing with the coaches to let them try it. Regardless of what we do as human beings, practice is what makes us better. Whether it’s speaking German, playing the violin, or performing Kipping Pullups, practice is what makes you better.” –Brian, Potomac CrossFit

This quote brings an important point home, if you want to get better at something you cannot do it as fast as possible all the time and expect to get better at it. It would be like someone wanting to learn to shoot a basketball, if at first they only tried from 30 feet away from the basket, and while running around like a maniac. Just the same no one is going to learn double unders, toes to bar, kipping/butterfly pull-ups, touch and go barbell cycling, and the like after doing 50 box jumps, 50 kettlebell swings and a 400m sprint. In order to learn these fun movements it is imperative to learn them in a NON FATIGUED state. For example if you max set of kipping toes to bar is 12 a good practice session for you would be 3 sets of 6-8 with 60 seconds of rest. This will help you develop those good movement patterns so when you are fatigued it will become automatic, you cannot condition skills. It is always better to scale the movement and move well than to go as prescribed and default to a poor and inefficient movement pattern.

Move sexy my friends.  


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