10/29 – 9:30 AM Halloween WOD – costumes required! 🙂
11/4 – BCF Bowling Night – more info coming soon!
11/05 – Saturday classes – BRING A FRIEND
12/4 – 7th Annual Wishing on a WOD

BCF Main – CrossFit

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Main WOD

A: Front Squat (Bottoms up front squat from low rack)

Start in bottom position

Drive from heels

Keep bar in contact with rig

Slight pause in bottom b/t reps to re set

See video

B: Metcon (Time)

10-1 descending ladder


Strict pull ups

Competition WOD

A: Handstand Push-ups (Clusters – 5.5.5 x 3 scale as needed)

B: Muscle Snatch (Quick build to a 3 rep Drop n Go)

C: Power Snatch (Quick build to a 3 rep Drop n Go)

D: Snatch (Reps as follows)

65% x 5

75% x 3

85% x 1-1-1

E: Back Squat (Clusters 6.6.6 x 3 AHAP)

Accessory Work

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