July 2011

Marcus Mueller 

Marcus has seen some serious bumps in the road health wise and is back at full speed ahead. Marcus is always willing to get it done with no complaints, and finishes each WOD with a great attitude. Thanks to Marcus for teaching us about perseverance and motivation!!  – Mike

I’ve participated in sports and exercise most of my life.  Over the years, I became bored with the traditional workouts and fell into the trap of working out less and making poor health decisions.  Little by little, I became the guy who needed bigger pants, a longer belt, and was dissatisfied with my overall health decisions.  Long story short, I had surrounded myself with people who weren’t interested in their health and neither was I.  Eating whatever I wanted, drinking way too much, and not exercising became my norm,  I knew my lifestyle needed to change and change quickly. 

A fellow coworker had been participating in CrossFit for about a year and I saw the dramatic change it had made for him.  Erik encouraged me to try CrossFit, several times, and this past fall  I finally made the decision to give it a go and let me tell you, what a good decision it was and continues to be.  For me, I had challenges both inside and outside the box and the people of CrossFit helped me through these daily challenges.  CrossFit became and is my new outlet and has changed my life.  I cannot began to express my gratitude to Mike, Christine, Shelly, Andy and Bryan.   All of you at the box at one time or another has encouraged me and pushed me, helping me to be in the best physical condition of my life.  I will tell you my cardio and strength are both the best they’ve ever been but most importantly CrossFit has helped me surround myself with healthy, goal oriented, determined people.  I cannot say enough good things about my experience and look forward to the upcoming challenges and friendships.

I feel blessed to be a part of the Beaverton CrossFit group and am grateful to all of you.  Now, NMFA and go GET SOME!!