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Main WOD

W-1: Skill NFT (No Measure)

3 rounds not for time of

15 T2B

50 DUs

3-5 MU

8-12 pistols

M-1: Metcon (Weight)

EMOM 8 of

3 dead lift 275/195

M-2: Metcon (Time)

30-20-10 of

Power snatch 75/55


8 min cap

Add 1 sec for each rep not done

This is meant to be fast/light….scale to

accomplish this

Competition WOD

C-1: Skill – dip (No Measure)

3 sets not for time

10 ring dips

15 T2B

20 alt pistols

40 DUs
12 min max

C-2: Back Squat (5 x 10 ; build over sets ; rest 1 min b/t; fast)

C-3: Clean and Jerk complex 2 (Build to a heavy-ish in 15 min)

1 PC


2 SJ

C-4: Metcon (No Measure)

2k cool down row, focus on easy consistent stroke rate


S-A: Back Squat (Back Squat 2xAMRAP @85%; rest 5 minutes)

S-B: Bulgarian Split Squats (Bulgarian Split Squat 4×8; rest 90 seconds AHAP (a)

S-C: Jumping Back Squats (Jumping Back Squats 5×10 @25% 1RM; rest 1 minute)

S-D: Ab Wheel Roll Outs (Ab wheel roll-outs 5×10; rest 60 seconds)

*From knees or feet. Choose the hardest difficulty for number of reps.

**Use a wall as a stop for scaling.

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