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Skill Work

A: Toes-To-Bar (3 x 3-5 )

1) Kip Swing

2) Kip Swing + Shldr behind bar

3) Knee to waist

4) Knee to Chest

5) Knee to Elbow

6) Toe to Bar

*Goal is efficiency/perfect

movement at each step

B: Metcon (Calories)

20min AMRAP

Bike for max cals

200m Run at every 5min mark

Rower for max cals

Score = Total Cals
*At 3,2,1 Go start with Run.

*When you return from run,

change from bike to rower or

rower to bike.

Competition WOD

A: Metcon (Weight)

5 sets of

6 weighted ring pull ups

6 weighted ring dips

6 Goblet squats w/10s hold in bottom 70/53

B: Metcon (Weight)

Muscle clean + FS

3 x 3 @ 50-60%

C: Clean (Every 30s til fail )

Perform 1 clean each 30s

Add 10# per set until fail x 2

Rest 5 min

Start over

135/95 start weight

D: Metcon (Time)

For time


Cal row

Wall ball 25/16

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